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Creative Producer (Olé) - NYC

Creative Producer (Olé) - NYC

Creative Producer (Olé) - NYC

Fill Date: Immediately

Agency Overview:

Game Seven Marketing is an Experiential Marketing Agency that exists at the intersection of sport and culture. Operating at this intersection allows us to create, develop, and execute truly innovative and authentic experiences that drive consumer interest. Carrying the belief that everything is an experience and everything starts with a story, Olé Creative, Game Seven’s creative arm, focuses on designing, building, writing, capturing, and binding authentic narratives that fuel the culture of sport.

The brands we work with are committed to continually pushing the envelope, breaking barriers, and writing the rules that will shape the future. Our approach is no different; we pride ourselves on being forward thinkers, relying on speed, efficiency, and relentless work ethic to flawlessly deliver on all client objectives.


The Creative Producer works as a part of the company’s internal creative agency, Olé Creative, in Brooklyn, NY, and plays an integral role in developing, managing, and executing creative projects across the agency. He/she oversees the production and build process of creative projects, while collaborating with event producers and project managers to execute projects on time, within budget, and most importantly, that meet the creative expectations promised to our clients. The Creative Producer works alongside our strategy and design teams to develop creative, while managing both realistic expectations and a steady workflow on all projects from conception to delivery. He/she works closely with a variety of external suppliers, vendors, and fabrication houses and will be asked to solve creative problems daily, while maintaining an ability to quickly shift gears across different clients, hopping in and out of projects at various stages as they move towards execution.

There is no ideal candidate. We are looking for someone who has interesting and unusual experience, who is hyper-creative and can think holistically about how projects and environments come to life from idea to execution.

Job Function:

The Creative Producer is expected to do the following:

  • Maintain oversight of all assigned projects from start to finish, ensuring that both

    client objectives and internal objectives are being delivered upon

  • Establish and maintain production schedules, while leading day-to-day communication with project managers, vendors, and external clients to ensure that the projects are on time, within budget, and beyond expectations

  • Liaise amongst the project management and event production teams, becoming the connective layer that manages realistic timing and expectations of both client deadlines and the delivery of creative work

  • Display an ability to confidently and effectively articulate creative vision and timelines to clients, vendors, and internal teams

  • Establish and maintain a creative point of view on projects and an ability to explain concepts, ideas, and brand guidelines in a clear, friendly, and convincing manner

  • Collaborate with internal design teams on the development of 2D and 3D spatial and industrial renderings, as well as the delivery of mechanical drawings and production files

  • Work with vendors on the construction of samples, prototypes, and finished products while displaying an ability to collaborate with and challenge vendors on finding creative solutions to problems

  • Identify and communicate project challenges in a timely manner, while brainstorming and identifying creative solutions to any and all problems

  • Understand and thoroughly write project SOWs, build and manage project budgets, and also manage vendor invoices and payments in a timely manner

  • Develop, build, and present project decks that capture and effectively explain creative vision and plan for execution

  • Seamlessly layer into projects when necessary, with an ability to quickly disseminate a client brief or plan

  • Collaborate and brainstorm with everyone from the agency, including, but not limited to designers, project managers, event producers, and the greater creative team

  • Build and maintain industry knowledge, relationships, and resources that can be leveraged to help drive projects forward

  • Keep a pulse on trends in advertising, entrepreneurship, technology, sport, music, entertainment, lifestyle, art, and culture

Requirements and Skills

  • 3-5 years of managing fabrication and/or production projects within an agency environment

  • Experience working with both creative and marketing teams

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of pre and post production process

  • High-level understanding of production set design and a detail-oriented approach to creating thoughtful and premium quality environments

  • Experience working with fabrication shops and manufacturers

  • Knowledge and understanding of materials, including feasibility and application processes of those materials

  • Excellent negotiating skills and an innate understand of industry pricing

  • Creative problem-solver and highly conceptual abstract visual thinker

  • Confident self-motivator; proactive and willing to initiate action

  • Solutions-oriented thinker with a high-level ability to solve problems

  • Excellent communication and organization skills

  • Outstanding relationship skills and a team-oriented, highly collaborative approach to work

  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced, detail-driven environment, across multiple projects with tight deadlines

  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects at any given time

  • Proficient in Keynote (design, layout, speed, familiarity, etc.)

  • Passion and love for advertising, sport, entertainment, tech, culture, and lifestyle

  • Willing to travel, and work weekends and holidays as needed

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